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Home of Hope Zambia was designed to be a catalyst for comprehensive life-change for children. At Home of Hope, we are pioneering orphanages and care centers to make world changers from forgotten children. Located in the beautiful African plains of Northern Zambia and orphanage was launched in 2012. Together with the Sichone family and our other amazing partners along with local community members, Home of Hope was established as not only an orphanage but also as a community resource which has rescued 51 children from poverty and almost certain abandonment.


Nate and Rute Tanner first met in Brazil in 2000- since that time, the two of them have travelled to many nations of the world; spreading a message of hope, love, and purpose to young people. Along with their children, Gabriel and Amiliya, the Tanners felt a burden growing on their hearts for the orphans of Zambia during a visit there in 2011. After a prompting from 7-year old Gabriel who said, “Mom and Dad, what are we going to do to help those kids?”, they knew that they were in for the long haul. Five years and 15 trips later, that little question with a big vision has morphed into Home of Hope Zambia- a light in the darkness for children who have nowhere else to go.

Paul and Pamela Sichone’ are (by all accounts) the backbone of Home of Hope and the directors on the ground in Zambia. As a young man, Paul remembers taking care of the children in his home village and making sure that they weren’t overlooked- desiring that all of them would be able to grow up strong and healthy with a chance to be successful. This early vision of championing the young is what propelled Paul and his wife Pamela to open Home of Hope later down the road, and they are most certainly the pillars that keep the orphanage moving forward.

Tom and Cindy Bonham are two unlikely heroes who have used their business experience and compassion to fuel the vision for Home of Hope Zambia. The Bonhams were first introduced to Home of Hope soon after their son (founder Nate Tanner) began travelling there to establish relationship with Paul Sichone’, the now-director of the orphanage. Tom uses his position as a businessman to negotiate funding with private donors and maintain important relationships in country, while Cindy flourishes in her role as part-time “Mom” to the many children who call the orphanage home.


Twice a year, faithful volunteers commit 10 days of their time to come to Home of Hope and love on the children; help repair and refurbish the grounds, and experience life in a world starkly different than where they’ve come from. Since the first trip in 2011, teams of up to 40 people at a time make their way by air, land, and sea to bring love and encouragement to the children at Home of Hope. These volunteers have come from all walks of life; from a 78-year-old Salvation Army chaplain to a 13-year-old 8th grader, and everyone inbetween. By combining physical labor; time spent pouring into the children’s lives through arts, crafts, and storytelling, and engaging in the local community, these trips are a far cry from a vacation.. they are life changing.

saving lives

Home of Hope is also committed to saving the most vulnerable- infants. During the late spring of 2015, we rescued 5 newborn babies over a 3 week period whose mothers had died giving birth. This commitment to the helpless is a key piece of Home of Hope’s vision for the future and beyond.

building community

The staff at Home of Hope are always looking to improve the quality of living for the children by maintaining and refurbishing the buildings on the HoH campus. Though it is easily overlooked by those in Western culture, clean water is in fact something that the majority of the developing world lacks. With the help of Steve Tanner, a retired water specialist for the state of Idaho, the children were able to receive a slow sand filter which gives them clean water for drinking, washing, and recreation.


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