About us

Home of Hope Zambia is designed to be a catalyst for comprehensive life-change for children.

At Home of Hope, we are pioneering orphanages and care centers to make world changers from forgotten children. Located in the beautiful African plains of Northern Zambia, an orphanage was launched in 2012. Together with the Sichone family, local community members, and our amazing partners, Home of Hope was established to be an orphanage and a community resource. It has rescued 51 children from poverty and abandonment since its founding and will serve hundreds in the years to come.


Twice a year, faithful volunteers 
commit 10 days

of their time to come to Home of Hope and love on the children. They help to repair and maintain the grounds and they get to experience life in a world starkly different than that from which they’ve come. Since the first trip in 2011, teams of up to 40 people at a time will make their way by air, land, and sea to visit the facility. By volunteering with these trips they bring love and encouragement to the children at Home of Hope. Volunteers can come from all walks of life. In the past we have hosted everyone from a 78-year-old Salvation Army chaplain to a 13-year-old 8th grader and anyone in-between. The teams contribute physical labor, time with the children doing arts & crafts, storytelling, and they get to engage with the local community. The trips are a far cry from a typical vacation… they are a life-changing experience for both the volunteers and the children.


The nation of Zambia is making strides  towards economic growth and development

However, the remnant of orphans left behind by illness, poverty, AIDS, and broken homes remains a real and present danger to the emerging generation. This is especially true in the north. Despite efforts made by world relief organizations like UNICEF and others in the south of the country, northern Zambia remains overlooked and continues to experience many problems. This has created an environment of despair and hopelessness among the people who live there.

Stories of Hope


Six-year-old Memory at Home of Hope, came to us desperate earlier this year. Her mother had contracted HIV AIDS and killed herself. Two months later, Memory’s father died . She was alone and living in fields- cold, hungry, and hopeless. Now, Memory is a healthy youngster, full of life, and getting ready to start 1st grade.


One of the most incredible stories, thus far, is that of Baby Lazarus. He was literally at death’s door when he came to Home of Hope. His mother had died while giving birth and no other family came forward to take him in. Having been overcome with a severe case of infant malaria, hope had all but faded away for Lazarus before he even had a chance to live. Now, 18 months later, Lazarus is a strong and healthy toddler- thanks to the efforts of Home of Hope and donations of medicine, formula, and care provided by volunteers across the world.


Emmanuel was one of the first babies brought to Home of Hope and the first to be adopted by Paul and Pamela Sichone’, the directors of the orphanage. Emmanuel had been abandoned at birth. He was quite literally left on the side of the road to die. Because of the actions of a Good Samaritan who noticed him and brought him in to us, Emmanuel has grown up to be a strong young man, eager to learn and achieve his dreams.